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You don’t have to stay with the whole procedure of the treatment

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Reminder function

Don’t worry about the schedule of your treatment, iHelmet reminds you all the way

Lighting record function

iHelmet tracks and records every treatment, Make it clear how hard you are fighting with hair loss

Voice prompts function

voice prompt every 5 minutes indicating the process of treatment

Real-time detection of custom lighting

The built-in T/H sensor can customize the lighting scheme based on the real-time temperature to ensure the same energy balance for each projection.

APP online detection expert tracking

Users can communicate with authoritative hair growth experts online through the Iheimi APP, and get exclusive laser program and hair growth advice.

Safe without radiation

Safe without radiation I black through electromagnetic compatibility (IEC60601-2), skin irritation and cytotoxicity (ISO17025), household health equipment standards (IEC60601-1-11) and other safety tests, safe to the human body.

Ergonomic Design

Ultra-lightweight streamlined design, for the development of Chinese head design. Patented ventilation technology, body temperature pleasant, patented fixed device. Comfortable and stable, suitable for different head types.

The efficiency is up to 89%

200 low energy laser tubes, covering the whole scalp area to achieve divisional irradiation, personalized laser program. The overall response rate was up to 89%.

Clinical verification

Data from a nine-month observational clinical trial at Nanfang Hospital showed an effective rate of over 89% 

After one month of use
After three month of use
After six month of use

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